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Nici Wickes in World Kitchen

I am sure many TV audiences around the world either ‘Love’ or ‘Hate’ cooking shows. There sometimes is just about an overload of them that even food lovers tend to get put off. But show me a cooking show worth its salt and I am in. I have my very own personal food show schedule. From globe-trotting with Nici Wickes’ in World Kitchen, or dining with Pete and Manu in My Kitchen Rules, or getting inspired by Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals, or going to Marrakech with Peta Mathias… there seems to be something immensely satisfying about food trotting and learning basics in cooking to the most exotic dishes in the world. On one such new journey I stumbled onto Maeve O’ Meara’s Food Safari discovering Indian Cooking.

Pete Evans and Manu Fieldel - My Kitchen Rules

I can’t believe I have not appreciated the richness of our cooking all these years and have simply taken it for granted. The multitude of spices and aromas emanating from our kitchen, cooking with all our senses is such a testament to Indian cooking. And I had thought I had seen it all in terms of Indian cooking. Little did I know, how much this one chef could show how little I knew about the ingredients we use. Who is this guy? Seriously!!!

So inspired by the passionate style of his cooking, I googled to find out more details about this chef. And I found that he was a successful restaurateur owning no less than the best Indian restaurant in Sydney, Australia – “Nilgiris”. No mean feat I’d say!

Chef Ajoy Joshi, to put it simply and to use one of his favourite words is ‘Bloody’ brilliant. His take on food was such it showed me a whole new level of food appreciation. If you can understand me becoming a fan with just one line he uttered, with a simple realisation that this was a man who knew what he was talking about. His analogy being, which also happens to be the truth – “‘Spices do to the tongue, what colours do to your eyes”.  His passion for food is quite apparent from the way he handles ingredients, understands their purpose and presents his food with flair.

Here is a sample featuring him in the Food Safari video where he cooks an Indian Style Hyderabadi chicken.


It’s also inspiring to note that he conducts cooking classes for those whose knowledge of Indian dishes are limited to Butter Chicken and Naan Bread(always get me…LOL). And for far off fans like me, his blog lessons are a huge consolation. Let’s just say its one of the times I really appreciated the use of technology. He focuses more on the ingredients, how to use them and get the best out of them rather than write blog entires that are more of a recipe index. But having said that so as not to disappoint and also bring home the flavour of Nilgiris, he has also shared links to his recipe gems. Here is the link to his blog if you want to join in on the discovery of Indian Cooking Ajoy’s way.

I know for sure which place I will be visiting when I am going to Sydney. If only he would open a Nilgiris in Auckland. Ajoy I hope you are reading this!!!

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