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The blue canvas

My Dream says he,a young painter,
Is not to become another Picasso nor Michelangelo,
I with my eternal powers of creativity,
Shall paint the unending sheath of blue spread,
Wield my brush with lavish splendour,
With the rustic allure of the Golden Sunset,
The shallow grey tint of the smoke above,
Wafting away with the Far East wind,
Who other than I could create a painting,
With life,With lustre and Vivacious glamour,
I give my creation the final touch,
A pebble shaped stone,gleaming softly..,
What would I tell it was-?
A small pebble along the gurgling brook shining in the night sky?
Alas! I come to the end of my beautiful scene,
The masterpiece of my Imagination,
All in a Dream,All in a Dream!!!

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