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Beetroot Halwa

You’d think having lived in NZ for at least 3 years, I would have bought Beetroot at least once during this time. I have not, well, until recently, when I decided I just had to buy it. When I added it on to my grocery bill, I thought of making either Beetroot curry with coconut garnish or Beetroot Halwa.

Obviously known for my notorious sweet tooth, the latter won hands down, the compulsive craving for me to make Beetroot Halwa way too overpowering to ignore. So Ram & I ended up making this beautiful melting hot red velvet delight.

First we shredded the Beet in the food processor. Poured some milk on to a pan and brought it to a light boil.

Shredded Beetroot

Then added the Beet to milk so it can be cooked until tender.

Cooking Beetroot in Milk

Then after the beet was cooked tender, added the required amount of sugar and stirred it until it dissolved.

Stirring in the sugar

Then as the water from the beet dried up, started adding ghee little by little.

Beetroot working in the ghee

Last but not the least, a twist to the Halwa, which I call the “enhancer” – freshly ground cardamom powder. Half a teaspoon of it ought to do the trick.

And to sign off with flair, ghee roasted Cashews mixed with the Beetroot Halwa which looks like Pomegranate seeds glistening the midst of the halwa.

Cashews strewn in the Beetroot Halwa

And the taste was as good as it looked!!! Luscious and mouth wateringly delicious.

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