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You will find that my blog is going to have lots of food related material from time to time – be it recipes, restaurants or cafes I have been to, experiments gone wrong, and brilliantly right, food try outs and a lot more.

Lipsmackingly delicious lunch at Wagamama

I just can’t seem to help myself. My love affair with food is so intrinsical I don’t know where to begin and it is indeed my biggest weakness.  With a relationship akin to that of a snake and a snake charmer, food has the power to entrance me!

So to cut a long story short, I love FOOD.


We often grow up with fond memories and we do our own mind mapping of places that are special and food that you have eaten, be it food specially prepared by mommy dearest or even family traditions and outings on weekends or celebrations. So in my opinion, it is natural for our minds to be filled with timelines associated with food. And continue to do so even today. Most of us, am sure have atleast a couple of food related memories in relation to members of the family if not with your ages, to say the least. Like for instance, when I was maybe 12-13 yo, I used to gorge on oranges averaging like 6-7 oranges a day. I kept at it until one day, my mom observed this and commented on how my intake of oranges had gone up. Just imagine if the craving had been for cheese. Oh the horror of it.

Then there is the pampering of grand parents. I remember my grandmom used to make natural yoghurts for us in little earthen pots. Trust me not even the world’s best Greek yoghurt can hold a candle to that flavour and taste. I think there is that extra ingredient called love that makes all the difference to it. She used to make them for us specially whenever we visited her.

My grandfather is another story. Whenever we went to a restaurant, he knew what I liked best, and would say -“Shall I order your favourite Roast onion rava dosa and sambar vadai for you”?. And I’ll go “Yes please thatha” (grandfather in Tamil). I don’t think anyone knows what I like these days. People would only go onto suggest what they like or we should try but never know what you like and enjoy. So there it is, there’s that generation gap and changes in lifestyle rearing its ugly head.

Another example would be moms. Let’s take moms anywhere around the world, I am hundred percent sure that they would all say I am going to make this and that for my child, or bake the world’s best chocolate chip cookies, or a gingerbread man etc. Take my case, my mom used to make dosas in the all the diffferent shapes she could imagine and create – of stars, moons, suns, hearteens et al. Not just that she used to make smiley faces with ketchup even back in the days before advertisements started promoting them. And to this day, this is still an indelible memory that makes me smile at the mere mention of it.

Ok so enough of childhood memories, to prove my point further, I’ll draw some more recent ones. I got married and came to NZ in August 2007. The very first night here, my hunger pangs were according to dinner time in India. And it was barely 3am in NZ. I remember, Iwoke up and made some scrambled eggs and toast. But I still remember it because this was the first time my husband saw the demonstration of my culinary skills and even caught it on camera.

Scrambled eggs and Toast at an ungodly hour

Why even today, Ram and I went for brunch at a local Indian restaurant called Saffron in the Ponsonby suburb which was reminiscent of eating back home in the likes of Saravana Bhavan or Sangeetha back home in Madras. Though not on par to these restaurant biggies, Saffron had a hearty and sumptuous array of food that gave a feeling of content, gently nudging us with warm and happy memories experienced during our childhood.

I was sharing with Ram, how my family and I used to go to Murugan Idly for breakfast in Besant Nagar on Sat/Sun mornings which became a habit eventually ofcourse. Even Ram recalled some of his memories associated with food. One of them was that whenever they invited guests home for lunch or dinner, they used dinner plates designed with lots of small cup like bowl spaces to serve the various side dishes for the main.

Food and memories are definitely intertwined and still figures as a big part in our lives. So having said all of that, its not just our timelines that are put to the test but so are our waist lines too. LOL! Only for those who are not so conscious….


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