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If you are into book reading you most likely would have come across this name – Scholastic. For the less wise they are a publisher especially of children’s books world over not just here in New Zealand. They are all about keeping the charm of the written word alive and run events and promotions from time to time. These drives are to promote reading amongst kids and nurture the habit of reading daily.

On one such occasion Scholastic NZ ran a 2 day event. When I read about this event on my Facebook I knew I just had to go. Having had my newborn son Svojas recently, I wanted to build his book collection for our bedtime story sessions. “What better way to stock up”, I told myself!!!

Again this idea of the book fair in itself was a stroke of brilliance or should I say a “box” of brilliance. The event was “All you can fill in the box” for $20 (NZD).

Set date, time, venue. People queue up, pick up box, go into the Scholastic book warehouse. Pick up available books of interest. As many as you can. Only catch – as many as you can fit in the box without the overflow or bulge. Then you pay and leave.

I tell you the place is a haven for bookworms. And for someone like me, I was like a kid in the candy store only this was a book godown. I so underestimated people’s interest in these kind of events. The queues were milling right through the Scholastic property and on to the road till you saw the queue blur into the horizon. I didn’t manage to take pictures but I clicked a few pics of our salvaged treasure after coming home.

I just had to share about this awesome event and appreciate Scholastic’s efforts within the community encouraging kids to read and also giving me the opportunity to enrich my son’s personal library.

Scholastic you are fantastic!!!!

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A chilled out Ona

Perplexed as to what Ona is? You’ll be in for one helluva surprise if you read further.

It was ages since I last met up with my aunt, cousin and her daughter. So I was trying to keep my adorable niece engaged while my aunt was cooking yummy aapams and chutney.

My cousin is pregnant and was filling me in on how she was getting my niece to accept a new member in the family. I was quite happy to learn that my niece was very welcome to the idea of a new brother/sister.

This is the conversation I had with my niece. It was quite special and a memorable one. And possibly one of the main reasons as to why I’d rather spend time with kids than pretentious adults. Their mind is so full of imagination and honesty, it is so refreshing.

Me: So sweetie, tell me have you chosen a name for the baby yet?
Niece: (She squints at me and gives me one of her nose wrinkling smiles and a toothy grin and says) – Ona!!!
Me: Ona???
“In my native language Tamil, Ona means a chameleon. And I was thinking, yes this kid is no doubt from NZ where geckos are famous, but to pick a name of this sort had me bursting into laughter. Pure genius!”
Niece: “Yes”! She reaffirms innocently but with surety like a decision finally made.
Me: I asked her- “Is that your friend’s name? Why did you choose this name?”
Niece: Ona is my friend.
Me: Is it a boy’s or girl’s name? Does Ona study at your childcare centre?
Niece: Ona is a friend! No, not in my school.
My aunt commented, on following the thread of the conversation, that she had asked the same question earlier and my niece had mentioned Ona!!! So she has pretty much named the baby Ona on her own.
Me: So when is the baby coming home?
Niece: Ona is coming home soon….

I was so pleasantly surprised by the fact that a 3 year old child could develop this level of affection to an unborn child and has thought enough about the child to even give the baby a name. On talking to her further I found that Ona was her best friend albeit unborn. I am going to have fun watching my adorable niece take on the role of a sister. I am so proud of you my ballerina!!!

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