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Many are the songs we love, but very few capture your mind’s imagination. And out of those gems are the rarest few that evoke emotions or feelings that one would have experienced at their lowest ebb, or their loftiest high. Or those that resonate of  incidents or entities that are special, private and buried in the deep ocean of ones heart.

I must admit most of Adele’s greatest hits such as ‘Rolling in the deep’, ‘Someone like you’ and ‘Set fire to the rain’ hit those notes for me. It’s not just Adele’s fine whisky-like quality of her voice but it’s also her music composition and lyrics which add magnitude to the song.

But this particular artist who by the way I had never heard of before strummed my heart-strings with her mellifluous lilt. Its been ages since I heard a song with such depth rich in vocals and tune.

I kept hearing this song on the radio on a few occasions at work which by the way I should say is awesome and makes my work light and less stressful. This song always left me wondering who sang this, who had such a quality in her voice that can put one in a trance and made me want to listen harder and closer to the angelic and mesmerizing voice. But as usual I never got around to checking until now.

Then came an opportunity thanks to my impulse loving husband who decided to take me out to Breaking Dawn movie which I had been wanting to see ever since its release. Don’t judge me people, but yeah I bite…I am a Twilight fan and I make no apologies for it. And Voila….!, wonder of wonders I find that this song was a Twilight Soundtrack from the aforesaid movie. I was yet to find out who it was for the last time or so I hoped.

Today I heard it, and here I was again thinking yet another time, telling myself I have gotta know who this is…! But this time I knew what to Google for. If you were expecting a hit like ‘Gangnam style’, you may as well stop reading and look elsewhere.

The artist I am referring to is Christina Perri and the song title is ‘A Thousand Years’. Here is the link –

I don’t know why it is I keep making this song to be about a parent child relationship, but I invariably kept thinking in the back of my mind that this was a song I will be singing for my child. Such is the power of music I guess. Crosses boundaries and creates a bond with the artist and listeners caught up in the vortex of unspoken communication of emotions, of stories.

And I know I will keep listening to this song ……… A thousand times!!!


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