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The Predicted Face-Off

After weeks and weeks of anticipation I missed the final of American Idol. Couldn’t watch the last 2 shows with the best of the two battling for the coveted position. But glad it was worth missing when I caught up with the highlights.I don’t think I would have had the patience to sit through all those performances. Wonder how the hell Simon managed to keep up the pretence of putting up with that painstakingly long show. I guess he was just happy to turn his back on Idol. But I sure would miss his brute honesty.

Just as I predicted, Crystal and Lee were the finalists. I so wanted to know the results, I checked on blogs and polls constantly,during the weeks leading up to the finale to keep a pulse on how the scales were tipping. And boy were they even. It was anyone’s game at that point.

But in the end come to think of it, it was no surprise that Lee took the title given that he was a package deal for record companies wanting to sign freshers. And on top of it, a bonus for them what with Lee’s songwriting skills. Good for him.

Crystal although she hit the right notes and had an equally good talent, I can’t remember a single song that stood out of all her performances. For Lee, I could easily pick 2 of his songs off the top of my head. I loved Lee’s performance of Boxer and Hallelujah. To me Simon just won Idol for Lee by picking Hallelujah. I don’t think I can hear an improvised version of Hallelujah again after this. Here’s the link for the song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?hl=en&v=Te42ioevqnI&gl=US

Congrats to Lee on winning the American Idol. And wishing both Crystal and Lee have the best take off  of their careers. Hallelujah!!!

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Ram and I are so hooked onto American Idol these days that we wager and compete to predict who’s getting eliminated. And celebrate when the one we did not like goes out.

But I have reached a stage where both my favourites are in their top form, have reached their peak and both are so unique and awesome in their own way.

I am rooting for Mama Sox and Lee DeWyze to go to the final.

Crystal Bowersox

And I want both of them to win. On one hand Crystal has got solid vocals and takes most songs by the horns and sings it with panache. She has personality, her own identity, gives heartfelt performances and great with the guitar. She has a very rustic appeal. But her biggest challenge and that which might not work in her favour of a career in music would be juggling her career and family life.

Lee DeWyze

On the other hand we have everything that a young artist should have and what I would call a package deal for record companies. Great voice, great looks, growing confidence, ability to charm audience with his shy guy looks. Lee has got it all. I fell for Lee’s voice after his rendition of ‘The Boxer’. Have never heard that song before in my life but there was something about his voice that made this song even more beautiful that made instant connection. Its been one of my most favourite performances on Idol till date. Here is the link for it incase you missed it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exbIO39VlZ8

Sad that Tim Urban was eliminated. He had talent too. I loved his “Can’t Help Falling in Love with you” performance which was in a totally different league. It is difficult to imagine how else the already perfect song orginially sung by Elvis Presley be changed . Another one of those stellar performances that stood out and that which won’t be forgotten in a hurry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eLAimcHm4U. But I guess his smile and talent will take him places. Am sure there are lots of avenues opening up for him soon.

I wonder which one of my favourites is going to survive the tide for there can be only one winner in this competition…..

Keeping my fingers crossed….May the best performer win!

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