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So it was one of those random afternoons when the holiday season festivities and dust was settling down, mum and I went shopping for a birthday gift for my nephew “I”. So famished from all that window shopping in between we just had to stopover at our local café  Muffin Break to enjoy a cup of Joe.

To my surprise our flat whites were served in these festive takeaway cups which I just had to comment on. I wanted to share how awesome it is when corporates embody the spirit of Christmas or any other Holidays for that matter. It certainly brightened up my evening.

As a former marketeer I have got to say I loved your Holiday message and fun Crossword on your takeaway cups Muffin Break. Such an awesome idea!!!

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30 Seconds

30 Seconds

Its Quick. Its Rapid. Its Fun.

If you thought this was about a movie….(Beep)… Wrong answer!

Today we had an hour-long team meeting. So when my boss Kath sent an agenda stating there will be a discussion on stats, tricks to improve performance and lastly fun. I thought that -“Oh well, I am sure its gonna be one of those usual team building games”. Boy was I in for a surprise.

She introduced a classic Kiwi Game called “30 Seconds”.  Sure, you have to play it in 30 seconds. OK! So what’s so different about it – you ask? Find out for yourselves!!! I can honestly tell ya, there hasn’t been a game I have played that was this exciting and enjoyable in ages.

Its tagline – “the quick thinking fast talking game”, was true to its word. It was amazing, upbeat and every single team member enjoyed playing it. It goes something like this. Divide yourselves into teams, one person from the team gets a card with 5 words on each side. They need to describe it without a direct reference to it and there are some rules attached to that. The rest of the team figures it out. This was of course a customised version of the game to suit the number of people in the team.

To give you an example. 2 words. Question – “Where do you find an Oasis?” And the team needs to zero it down and Answer – “Desert”. That’s the first word. Second word – Question -“What is the other word for path?”. Answers could be “Way”, “Street”, “Road”. Bingo! “Road” is the second word. So the challenge was for the words – “Desert Road”. So more words you can glean in 30 seconds wins you the prize. Am sure you get the picture.

I would highly recommend buying it, if you are looking for team building and communication strengthening exercises. Everyone gets active and start thinking on their feet. It was a fist pumping, high fiving, and spirited game that made  people wild. And the short time and challenge to communicate, and  the need to win is so compulsive, that even the most laid back person becomes a ‘Adrenaline junkie”. And this game is not only great for work places, it will guarantee a fun time for the family too.

Well my 30 seconds are up!!! When’s yours?

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