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Toothless smiling at Hiccup


If someone had told me that Dragons could smile, I’d have said – “Well Pigs could fly too”. I mean, can we even conjure up an image of a Smiling Dragon!!!

“How to train your dragon” was captivating, honest and refreshingly original like a breath of fresh air after a slew of not so memorable animated films.

This film captured my attention first when I had gone to the cinemas. At first when I saw the trailer I thought that it might be one of those wannabe animated films fighting for a spot alongside the likes of ‘Ratatouilles’ and ‘Shreks’.

Although I can’t quite place them in the same pedestal as the above named greats, this film had heart and courage in the large measures. What stood out most was the nature of the film. The storyline was an antithesis of what a Viking and Dragon stood for.

A Viking whose nature is to be a brute, turns out to be a Viking with a marshmallow heart unable to fulfil his tribe’s tradition of becoming a dragon slayer. And the fire-breathing dragon, he turns out to be a bit of a pet who could smile & imitate his friend and quite a Da Vinci in the making. Be warned, that smile is so cute, it will have you falling in love with a dragon. The beauty of the film lies in these two individuals entering an unorthodox friendship that changes a tribe’s way of life forever.

Toothless and Hiccup

The portrayal of the main characters ‘Hiccup’ the Viking & ‘Toothless’ the Dragon were beautiful. The characters were clearly etched out and the bonding between them was brought out well too. The supporting characters had just the right level of dialogue and twined in a subtle manner that the focus was not taken off the main characters and the plot.

I must acknowledge the graphics, illustration and animation. Right from the cute characters, the scenic flights with Toothless, the life and verve of the Viking lifestyle and their age old tools and stone made structures etc were breath taking. It was simply magnificent and a treat to sore eyes.

On the whole, this is an animated film worth watching that will leave you thinking about the movie even after you have finished watching it. A bit late on my review but for those who have not yet watched it, I rate it a hearty 4/5.


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