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Heaven in bite size

It’s small, its pretty, it’s colourful, it makes you sigh, and it is ‘bite size’. A gold star to you if you answered ‘Cupcakes’.


I have always been fascinated by these small delicate looking cakes that come in its plethora of colours, designs and decoration.  And me being me wanted to make it. And what better time than the holiday season to do some baking.

You will find a couple of pics of my very first attempt at baking these mouthfuls of heaven, and I request that you don’t be harsh in your criticism, after all I am a self-confessed juvenile when it comes to baking. Again it was Sir Thomas Edmonds cookbook to the rescue.

I chose not to use those cupcake covers as the ones I baked were using the smaller patty tins as against the regular muffin ones. Either way the charm of the cupcakes weren’t lost.

The recipe for the cupcake itself was spot on, measures were perfect and turned out close to impeccable. Icing well, that’s another story. I ended up making my own measures and failed miserably. So I had to keep adjusting until the icing held together. I had blue, green and pink food colours to use. I first made White Icing and split it in four different cups. And I have again strayed from the ordinary, I mixed pink and blue for the lilac icing, and pink, green and blue for the burgundy icing. Green and Pale blue were from just one drop of the respective colours used in the icing. And as an instrument for distraction from the imperfections of my cupcakes and of course to make it a lot more prettier I used Cachous (aka) Sugar pearls in the centre which I find quite elegant in baked goodies.

Verdict of taste check? Well that’s easy enough. Yum Yum Yummy!!!


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