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…. in the magic woven by Disney’s Tangled. Wow….What an animated film!!!

I had thought that the era of Princess stories were well and truly over with Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. And to think the tale was spun and adapted with so much flair from a dusty old fairy tale like Rapunzel was so breathtakingly beautiful. Made me want to believe in fairy tales once more. After watching the film, I was left with an immense sense of brimming Happiness and joy.

The Smoulder

Each character was so full of life. Flynn Rider aka Eugene Fitzherbert had me at his first smoulder. Rapunzel won me over when she turned a bunch of drunken thugs around into singing about their dreams. Maximus the royal horse was more a giant grown puppy. Maximus was my adorable apple munching hero in the story. And Pascal, Rapunzel’s chameleon with its cute bulging eyes and antics was a memorable sidekick too.

The hair of Magic Gold

There is some sort of unspoken fascination about dreams being painted on tall tower walls with vivid colours and a thousand floating lanterns alight in the midnight blue sky that tugs at one’s imagination. Not to forget the hair of magic gold touched by a drop of Sun bearing the magic of healing and swashbuckling was most endearing.


The story line was equally bewitching although one might argue that a wicked witch and a young princess is an old school formula. But all that mattered to me was it was told brilliantly in a very different way. The movie kept me engrossed every minute of the way. Rapunzel’s guilt trips on leaving her tower and enjoying to her heart’s content and regretting crossing her mother was so natural and amusing to watch. And who would have thought that an old lady saucepan would make a great weapon someday!!!

The Adventurous foursome – Eugene, Pascal, Rapunzel & Maximus

And Eugene’s turning a new leaf was heart warming too. The lantern scene was so romantic. Romance can never get old and in true Disney fashion kept that trend alive. Also in the climax my heart very nearly stopped for a second during the ‘moment of reckoning’. What a turn! I honestly didn’t see it coming.

Romance of a thousand lanterns in the midnight sky

Truly captivating animation, colours, expressions, imagination and many more adjectives that can only merely give a glimpse of the charming Fairy tale. For those that love and appreciate animated films and Fairy tales, Tangled is one film that must not be missed. Watch it with your kids, or your grandchildren, or nieces or nephews. It is a great film with a great heart. I rate this movie a “Perfect 10”.

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