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The Santorini Dream


Another one of my Samsung Sketchbook creations. I definitely want to sketch this into this reality. Basking under the balmy heat, gazing at the endless blue sky, eyes feasting on the the burst of magenta haze of the bougainvillea and the muted greens of the  luscious olive groves…..stuff Santorini is made of.

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Each individual has their own form of outlet to de-clutter their minds and life.  Am sure you can relate to it when I say, there comes a few times in our lives where too many things are on our plate and our life becomes chaotic. It sometimes get to the point that there is just too much to worry about, nothing ever goes  right, everything needs to be done and yet nothing gets done et al. And amidst this sea of chaos, we reach our boiling points and may erupt anytime now, while all we want to do is go screaming out that front door like a banshee.

Having been there a few times myself, I have learnt to recognise the signs, and I immediately grab my saviour which comes in the form of  my trusty old paint brush.

Painting is one of my lesser known passions. I often resort to painting whenever I am a bundle of emotions or feel cluttered. I don’t know what it is about colours, but it has the power to soothe, provoke, create, open and brighten my mind. There is something about lavishing paint on plain white paper/canvas. The action of stroking paint onto paper is so therapeutic. The play of colours have a magical impact on my mind. The medley of colours, the shapes and shadows and light taking on their own meaning, yet they can be interpreted in a thousand different ways by each individual. Such is the beauty of “Art”.

Picture of painting taken in Queensland Art Gallery

Picture of painting taken in Queensland Art Gallery

‘Abstracts’ are what comes to me naturally. Am one of those people who just cannot paint a portrait to save my life. But they intrigue me. The play of emotions, expressions, shadows on the faces, the wrinkles, the laughter lines etc to name a few are so interesting and different on each subject.

Just the other day, I was talking to my mom, I was telling her that I just can’t do portraits at all and wished that I could. Her words were -“Not everyone can do abstract. You should count yourself lucky that you are able to imagine something and put it down on paper”. And I felt good about it afterwards. And I thought that I may as well work with what I have rather than  depict something that is not me.

Picture taken in Queensland Art Gallery

In conclusion, I find that painting helps me feel better, the colours brighten up my mood, and when I do my brush strokes, it lets me ponder on the various things on my mind, helps me slow things down and tackle things one by one. Life can be so overwhelming when everything comes at you the same time, but painting surely does help by providing a form of distraction and reprieve to the mind when the going gets tough.

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